Finally, the marijuana industry has a way to get rid of one of it's biggest problems - that signature stench.

Smell ya' later, bud! The marijuana industry has more than its fair share of growing pains. But a new product is now available to help eliminate a common issue that plagues industry professionals and their neighbors, alike - that stinkin' pot smell.

The Odor Buster is the affordable, one-of-a-kind system designed to help marijuana professionals manage and eliminate odors in indoor marijuana grow houses, processing facilities, and dispensaries.

Created by Timothy Rea and the team at Boulder-based CMS Products, LLC., The Odor Buster is a natural, probiotic-based liquid solution which neutralizes unwanted odors without the use of chemicals or fragrances. That means it doesn’t “mask” the smell - it digests the odor-causing material so no odor is left behind.

"I dealt with this odor issue for 10 years in my marijuana businesses... the complaints from neighbors, the threat of fines from the city. I was even taken to court once for what turned out to be odor coming from someone else's grow house," Rea said. "So I set out to create the solution that this industry deserves, and I'm thrilled that The Odor Buster is helping marijuana professionals stress less about the sniff test."

The Odor Buster Starter Kits are only $499.77 and are designed to work with common, existing ventilation systems, making it quick and easy for business owners to get their odor issues under control.  Kits include a mister, spray system, measuring glass and The Odor Buster probiotic-liquid solution.

To purchase The Odor Buster or to schedule a Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer reading at your facility, contact us here.